Maintenance Mick’s Top Tips | Caring for your Doors

As well as new installations, McLeods offer a repair and maintenance service, for both windows and doors.

Mick, our Senior Service Engineer, known within the business as Maintenance Mick has over 35 years of experience in repairing and maintaining windows and doors.

Here are Mick’s top tips for keeping your doors in tip-top condition:

  1. Dust and debris build up in your door tracks can make your door stiff to close – use a soft brush to remove any dirt and then apply WD-40 to the tracks
  2. The average front door will be used over 1,000 times a year – tightening your hinges & locking mechanism regularly will keep your door energy efficient
  3. Regularly spray WD-40 to the hinges, your locking mechanism & cylinders to ensure your door is operating smoothly
  4. If you feel a draught or feel your door isn’t locking correctly, contact me on the details below.

If you’re having any issues with your windows or doors, please send your full name, address, contact number and a brief description of your maintenance/repair issue to

We also offer an emergency call-out service, 24/7, to both domestic and commercial properties.

So, if you’re locked out or your window is smashed and requires boarding up, the McLeods team will be there to save the day and will quickly make sure your property is safe and secure.

In an emergency, please call 07923 280159.