Save Money on your Energy Bills when you Upgrade to an A++ Door

Apeer A++ Rated Doors

It’s safe to say that homes are more than just a living space; they are an investment in our future. In the modern pursuit of a greener, more cost-effective home, energy-efficient doors have come to the forefront.

A++ Composite Doors, both front and back, offer an exemplary solution for enhancing our home’s energy efficiency.

Apeer 70mm doors are A++ Rated and proven to be nearly 7 times better at keeping heat in your home, and money in your pocket.

To demonstrate the superior thermal resistance of Apeer doors compared to similar competitors, Apeer engaged the renowned European testing certifier TÜV Rheinland, to conduct rigorous thermal testing.

The results unequivocally confirm that all Apeer 70mm doors are significantly more thermally resistant than hollow monocoque doors by nearly 7 times.

This substantial enhancement ensures a more comfortable and cosier environment and translates into real savings on your annual heating bills.

What are Energy Efficient Doors?

When it comes to energy efficiency doors, especially A++ composite doors, they are designed to minimise heat loss and air filtration.

They play a pivotal role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment year-round – they prevent drafts and heat leakage, ensuring our homes remain warm in winter and cool in summer.

By extent, energy efficient doors, whether front, back or external, will help curb energy costs, reduce carbon footprint, elevate indoor comfort and enhance property value.

Are A++ Doors a Wise Investment?

Absolutely – and it’s not just us who thought so. We asked hundreds of customers what they would expect from a modern door – the most common answers were a diverse choice of colour options and a more energy-efficient door.

A++ composite doors not only offer long-term savings and demonstrate environmental responsibility but are a wise investment that pays off in numerous ways, both now and in the years to come.

Ready to Upgrade to an A++ Door?

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