Triple Glazed Units

Triple glazing utilises three panes of glass instead of just one or two. The additional pane increases efficiency and reduces noise.

Why triple glazing? This is often the first question our customers ask. If fitted correctly, the extra window pane within the design enhances heat retention within the home as well as making the window even more secure within its frame.

Our Triple Glazing units have been awarded A++, the highest possible energy rating.

By keeping heat inside, you can save money on your energy bills too. 

Key points:

  • Low E Glass
  • Toughended glass on centre pane
  • Argon fill between glass
  • 12mm gaps between panes – helps to reduce noise
  • 4mm glass panes
  • 70mm frame depth
  • Low iron glass in outer glass
  • Up to 10 locking points