Safety / Toughened

Safety glass is a vital part of glass and glazing in today’s world ensuring that glass can be used in any application which makes the glass safe for close contact.

The main types of safety glass is toughened and laminate glass which both do the same job, but are manufactured and react differently. Mcleod’s dedicated team of glaziers can supply and install all sizes and thickness of safety glass to your individual needs. Whether it’s a toughened glass panel for a domestic door to a large laminated pane for a shopfront we have the full one stop service for your safety glass requirements to BS6202

Toughened – the glass is tempered which makes the glass 5 times stronger than normal glass and breaks into hundreds of small safe fragments when hit with sufficient force. Toughened glass is widely used in the car industry and construction sector.

Laminate – laminate glass is essentially two skins of untempered glass which is bonded together by a polyurethane film which when hit with sufficient force cracks the glass but holds the structure of the glass in place. Laminate is widely used in shop windows as the glass will break but prevent access through the broken glass making the property secure.