Greenhouse Glass

The essential for those with “green fingers” the greenhouse is a fixture in thousands of gardens across the country.

Greenhouses only work to their optimum when fully glazed and at Mcleods we stock greenhouse glass in-house for times when greenhouses have been battered by the elements, or even the odd horticultural mishap, and a repair is necessary.

We stock standard sized sheets and cut sheets to customer’s individual sizes or shapes. Also available are all “sprigs” and “clips”. Mcleods have all you need to keep your greenhouse in working order 365 days a year.


3mm Horticultural glass – 24” x 24” (610mm x 610mm)
3mm Horticultural glass – 24” x 18” (610mm x 457mm) 
3mm Horticultural glass – 1422mm x 730mm Dutchlights 

All of the above can also be cut to your specific individual sizes and shapes.